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The New World of Wireless
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The New World of Wireless

Автор: Scott Snyder

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The New World of Wireless.

Wireless is emerging as the core collaboration and decision-making platform for the distributed, self-organizing groups that will transform business. These "digital swarms" are already emerging; with tomorrow's 4G wireless technology, they will truly come of age. Enterprises will need to understand wireless communications in a new way: not simply as an opportunity to improve productivity, but as a core driver of radical organizational change. Leading scenario planner and wireless expert Scott A. Snyder helps you prepare for a wireless revolution that may prove even more disruptive than the Internet revolution. Writing for strategists, executives, and board members, Snyder reveals why wireless will affect your business more profoundly than you realize, helps you assess your organization's current wireless readiness ("WiQ"), and prepares you to leverage wireless far more fully. Snyder explains how distributed self-organizing "digital swarms" will gain increasing power and authority, and what that will mean to the business. He reviews three profound yet differing scenarios for the impact of 4G wireless: convergence, collision, and confluence. Based on this foundation, he shows how to organize for success in the new wireless era; and previews tomorrow's "killer" swarm applications. You'll learn to recognize, monitor, and anticipate early signals of wireless-driven change and successfully lead a "swarming" organization that looks as if it can't possibly be led.

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