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Pinterest for Business
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Pinterest for Business

Авторы: Jess Loren, Edward Swiderski

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Серия: Pinterest for Business

Издательство: Pearson (2012 г.)

CourseSmart eTextbook, 240 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-13-310241-3

Вес: 340 гр.

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Pinterest for Business.

The complete guide to profiting from Pinterest! Pinterest is today’s hottest new social media platform–and it’s perfect for businesses with small marketing budgets. Capitalize on Pinterest today, and you’ll build a devoted fan base that keeps you “pinned at the top”…driving more sales, revenue, and profits for years to come! Two top social marketing experts show you exactly how to make Pinterest work for your company. They concisely explain how Pinterest works, how businesses are using it, and how to get started the right way–fast! Case studies and specific techniques help you choose the best approach for your business and industry–from crafts to hardware, and wedding planning to restaurants. Want free advertising and powerful viral marketing? Get it now, with Pinterest for Business! LEARN HOW TO: • Make the right first moves after you’ve signed up for Pinterest • Master Pinterest’s unique lingo and tools: pins, boards, following, repinning, and more • Quickly set up your branded Pinterest business page • Weave a visual statement that attracts users and convinces them to insert their own stories • Understand Pinterest’s demographics, pinpoint your targets, and captivate your audience • Use Pinterest to “show and tell,” and leverage the powerful psychology of images • Create a word-of-mouth Pinterest network that goes viral • Win by “pinning” within Pinterest’s most important categories • Reach “the power behind the pins” • Stand out on a crowded “pinboard” • Use infographics to communicate more information and encourage more repinning • Replace costly conventional advertising with inexpensive Pinterest campaigns • Supercharge your Twitter and Facebook marketing by integrating Pinterest • Understand Pinterest’s etiquette and avoid its pitfalls

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