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Six Sigma for Technical Processes
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Six Sigma for Technical Processes

Автор: Clyde Creveling

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Six Sigma for Technical Processes.

Use Six Sigma to achieve and sustain excellence in product development and commercialization! To sustain growth and profitability, companies must tightly align product development and commercialization to fast-changing customer requirements. In this book, Clyde Creveling identifies the four process areas most crucial to doing so–and shows executives and managers how to optimize each of them. Creveling introduces a Six Sigma-enabled workflow that encompasses strategic product/technology portfolio definition and development, research and technology development (R&TD), tactical design engineering processes for commercialization, and operational production and service support. He presents tools, methods, and best practices for selecting the right projects, prioritizing them, and executing them rapidly, consistently, and successfully. Integrate all key technical processes so they work together in harmony Create Phase/Gate control plans for delivering products with minimal risk Establish scorecards for risk management in technical processesUse Six Sigma tools, such as Monte Carlo and FMEA, to improve project managementBring discipline to your product and technology portfolio renewal processesSystematically optimize your commercialization processesDefine stripped-down “Fast Track” processes for commercializing high-risk, high-reward opportunitiesProvide effective operational support after you launch your productPreview the future of “lean” and Six Sigma in technical processesUse lean techniques to streamline repeatable processes such as R&D, product design, and post-launch production engineering supportLearn how to manage the risk of doing a fast track commercialization project when you really must cut corners to get a product out into the market before your opportunity evaporatesForeword by John Boselli xiiiPreface xvAbout the Author xxiChapter 1: Introduction to Six Sigma for Technical Processes 1Chapter 2: Scorecards for Risk Management in Technical Processes 21Chapter 3: Project Management in Technical Processes 35Chapter 4: Strategic Product and Technology Portfolio Renewal Process 51Chapter 5: Strategic Research and Technology Development Process 95Chapter 6: Tactical Product Commercialization Process 163Chapter 7: Fast Track Commercialization 275Chapter 8: Operational Post-Launch Engineering Support Processes 293Chapter 9: Future Trends in Six Sigma and Technical Processes 317Glossary 323Index 351

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