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Risk Management in Emerging Markets
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Risk Management in Emerging Markets

Автор: Carl Olsson

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Risk Management in Emerging Markets.

Understanding risk in emerging markets is a critical success factor for management today. Risk management is about controlled decision making rather than risk avoidance. Balancing risk and reward is increasingly important but reward does not come without risk.Risk Management in Emerging Markets is primarily concerned with the risks facing long-term investors who put their money in real assets rather than financial ones such as investing in stock markets, but everyone interested in emerging markets will find value in reading this book. It will help open managers’ eyes to risks and provide solutions. It also seeks to answer the question ‘What makes emerging markets different and how does this impact on risk?’ rather than how to make a quick return, as many other books do.The book addresses in detail the question of ‘What is risk?’ and then covers the basics of identification, measurement and management of risk before considering how things work or don’t work in practice in emerging markets. It also considers recent trends and extrapolates into the future possible developments within the field.A selection of international case studies and examples from both the corporate and banking sectors highlight key risks in the UK, US and Europe as well as emerging markets. These help illustrate the fact that today’s business world is more integrated, more volatile and more hostile than it has ever been.Risk Management in Emerging Markets is an essential guide for managers in both non-commercial and commercial organizations, as well as students of risk and risk management.Those wanting to survive, or even win, would be wise to read this book before their competitors do.

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