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Автор: Jim Champy

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DON’T LOSE CUSTOMERS TO YOUR COMPETITORS – KEEP IT REAL AND KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS’ LOYALTYIf you’re a business, you need customers. And once you’ve got them, you don’t want to lose them – especially not to your competitors. In today’s world of choice the customer is definitely king, but it is still possible to inspire your customers’ loyalty and make sure they stick with you. How? In Inspire!, Jim Champy shows you how to increase your market share by:Defining an authentic, consistent selling proposition that your customers will be passionate – and stay passionate – about Engaging a new generation of customers who value transparency Bringing authenticity to everything your company does – real authenticity, not the ‘fake authenticity’ today’s savvy customers will sniff out a mile awayDrawing on case studies from both traditional and new, ‘sexy’ industries, Champy reveals how you can move your company forward with new products, services and business models that reflect the best of what you really are. In Inspire!, you’ll learn how market-leading companies reinvigorate themselves in the face of brutally tough and creative competition; how to deliver value in new ways based on convenience; how to offer simplicity and honesty to your customers; and how to go beyond mere marketing campaigns to lead crusades that customers genuinely want to join. The common trait these companies have, and which you need to hold on to as well, is the ability to remain true to themselves. They consistently uphold their own values in their products, services and actions And they keep hold of their customers.Once again, Jim Champy has given businesses actionable solutions to one of the most challenging problems they face: making customers stick.

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