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Brilliant PRINCE2
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Brilliant PRINCE2

Автор: Stephen Barker

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Brilliant PRINCE2.

Everything you need to know about the PRINCE2 qualification, whether your studying, have passed the exam and wondering what to do next, or simply wanting to start using the best of PRINCE2 straight away.This book is designed to give practical information and advice about the project management method PRINCE2. This is a lighter version of the official text and more accessible, providing only what you need to know. It includes a reference map of PRINCE2’s approach and themes - a unique feature that will provide a rich, graphical representation of PRINCE2’s key features.From the Author: According to the Office of Government Commerce, 20,000 organisations in 150 countries are using PRINCE2, and there’s an ever growing interest in becoming a qualified practitioner. So for those with an interest in project management it’s one of the hottest tickets around. I’ve written Brilliant PRINCE2 for those in search of a concise and accessible guide to this popular method. It covers all of the core material. So it’s ideal for those studying for a PRINCE2 exam, or looking for a handy reference source to back-up what’s been learned already. (You’ll notice that the book has been accredited as an official PRINCE2 product.)PRINCE2 is a big subject – the official manual weighs in at over 300 pages. Brilliant PRINCE2 helps to make sense of it all, by guiding you step-by-step from project kick-off, through delivery and on to closure. There are chapter-by-chapter summaries of all the key points – and topics are mapped back to the PRINCE2 manual. You’ll even find two diagrams that each manage to fit PRINCE2 onto a single page!Importantly, there’s also plenty of practical advice on applying PRINCE2 tools and techniques in the real world. This is based on many years of using the method to deliver all sorts of projects. You’ll find lots of useful tips, examples of best practice, and a good smattering of “war stories” to make the material easier to digest.

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