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iPhone In Simple Steps
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iPhone In Simple Steps

Автор: Joli Ballew

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iPhone In Simple Steps.

Top Ten Tips1. Connect to a Wi-Fi Network2. Take a Photo3. Have Siri Look Something Up on the Web4. Add a Photo to an Email5. Set a Reminder with Siri6. Understand iCloud7. Set Up Home Sharing8. Hold a FaceTime Conversation9. Get a Free App10. Enable Find My iPhoneChapter 1Explore the Home Screen Explore the Outside of your iPhone Change the Wallpaper Connect to a Wi-Fi Network Understand iCloud Enable or Disable iCloud Install iTunes on Your Computer Perform Your First Sync Enable iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Place and Receive Calls View the Call Log Set up Voicemail Listen to your Voicemail Create and Edit Phone Contacts Access and Use In-Call OptionsChapter 2Move apps to different Home screens Take a Photo View your Photos Use the Weather app Set an Alarm Get Directions to a Location Set a Reminder with Siri Learn How to Dictate Text Personalize Sounds View Notifications Personalize Notifications Connect a Bluetooth Device Learn More Touch Techniques Type with the Keyboard Create Folders for Apps Set a Passcode Lock Chapter 3Enable Siri and Choose a Language Tell Siri Your Name Have Siri Place a Call Let Siri Play a Song or Album Set up or Cancel a Meeting Set or Cancel an Alarm Let Siri Find an Answer on the Web Ask for Directions, Distance, or Your Current Location Ask for a Stock Price, the Weather, Contact Information, or the Latest News Ask for Contact Information Make a Note Search the Web for Something Specific Have Fun with SiriChapter 4Visit a Website by Typing its Name Understand the Safari Interface Dictate What You’d Like to Search For Work with Multiple Open Webpages Create and Use a Bookmark Edit Your Bookmark List Add an Article to the Reading List Read and Share an Article in the Reading List Add a Link for a Webpage to the Home Screen Tweet or Email Webpage Information Explore Touch Techniques Change the Search Engine Use Private Browsing Clear History, Data, and CookiesChapter 5Explore and Enable your iCloud Account Set up a Web-based Account Set up a POP3 or SMTP Account Understand the Mail Interface Hierarchy Compose an Email the Old-Fashioned Way Compose an Email with Dictation Compose an Email with Siri Read, Reply to, and/or Forward Email Add a Photo to an Email Open an Attachment Use Gestures to Manage Email Personalize Mail Change your SignatureChapter 6Install iBooks Explore the iBookstore Preview a Book Buy a Book or Obtain a Free One Read a Book Explore iBook Features Sort Books Explore the Kindle App Explore Newsstand Read a Magazine Explore iTunes U Configure App SettingsChapter 7Explore the Music App Play a Song Create a Playlist Listen to an Audiobook Explore the Photos App Play a Slideshow Share a Photo while in Full Screen Mode Edit a Photo and Save Changes Assign a Photo to a Contact or Use as Wallpaper Get a Free Video from iTunes U Explore the Videos App Explore Video Controls Set Up Home SharingChapter 8Take a Simple Picture Focus On Your Subject Change Flash Settings Switch Cameras and Camera Views Enable or Disable Photo Stream Take a Video with the Camera View and Share Video You’ve Captured Explore the YouTube App Watch a YouTube Video Locate your FaceTime Contacts Hold a FaceTime ConversationChapter 9Enable the Messages App Write or Dictatea Text Message Send a Photo in a Message Let Siri Write your Message Add a Contact Use a Contact Card to Communicate with a Contact Link Contacts Understand how iCloud and Contacts Work Together Dictate a Note Let Siri Compose your Note Let Siri Compose a Reminder View Reminders in the Notification Bar View and Manage Reminders from the Reminders App Configure iCloud for the Apps you UseChapter 10Explore the App Store Get a Free App Use the Free App Search for an App Get App Updates Uninstall and Reinstall Apps Explore iTunes Search for a Song or Album Buy Media Rent a Movie Get a New Ringtone View Purchased Media Open Game Center Download a GameChapter 11Understand Location Services Configure Auto-Lock Configure a Passcode Lock Opt to Erase Data after 10 Failed Logon Attempts Configure Restrictions Back Up with iTunes Enable iCloud Backups Enable Find My iPhone Test Find My iPhone Restore a Replacement Phone Reset your PhoneTop Ten Problems Solved1. I can’t sync over Wi-Fi.2. How Can I Put a Person on Hold, “Press 1 to Continue”, and Perform Similar In-Call Tasks?3. I can’t connect my Bluetooth headset.4. I’ve been to places on the Internet I don’t want anyone else to know about.5. I took a great photo but the subject has red eyes. What can I do?6. I am trying to take a picture but the Camera app keeps focusing on the wrong subject or object.7. I uninstalled an app and now I want it back.8. I purchased some media from iTunes and I want to download it to my iPhone.9. I want to sell my iPhone. What should I do?10. I lost my phone and bought a replacement. How do I put my data on it?

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