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Learning iOS Development
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Learning iOS Development

Авторы: Maurice Sharp, Erica Sadun, Rod Strougo

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Learning iOS Development.

Covers iOS 7 and Xcode 5Learning iOS Developmentis the perfect first book for every new iOS 7 developer. It delivers a complete foundation for iOS development, including an introduction to the Objective-C language, Xcode development tools, best-practice user interface development, and best practices for all aspects of app development and deployment.Throughout Learning iOS Development, you explore the iOS development process as you create and expand a handy car valet app. The hands-on projects enable you to create meaningful code as soon as possible, building confidence and mastery. The annotated code listings work with all the latest iOS technology, so you’ll be ready to jump into this exciting development field.With Learning iOS Development, it’s easy to learn at your own pace, on your own--or to deepen the knowledge you may be gaining in a classroom or workplace. Coverage includesInstalling all the tools, programs, and devices you need to create iOS appsBuilding your first app and mastering the essentials of Objective-CMaking the most effective use of device memoryStoryboarding your interface and connecting it to your underlying codeUsing Auto Layout to support devices with different sizes and orientationsManaging app data with Core DataCreating sophisticated custom gesturesDeploying your app through Apple’s App StoreQuickly localizing your app for multiple languages and countriesImplementing scrolling, navigation, table views, and other core iOS featuresMastering advanced table views and navigation, including iPad split viewsPassing code encapsulated in blocks for communicating between parts of your app and with the systemTuning and debugging your apps for the best performance and quality Discovering great resources to take your next steps as an iOS developer

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