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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012
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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012.

Use Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server 2012 and Agile Methods to Deliver Higher Value Software Faster! This is the definitive guide to applying agile development and modern software engineering practices with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 and Microsoft’s complementary Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products and methods. Written by a top Microsoft Visual Studio development team leader and a long-time Visual Studio implementation consultant, it focuses on solving real development challenges, systematically eliminating waste, improving transparency and delivering better software more quickly and painlessly. Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje help you make the most of Visual Studio 2012’s powerful new capabilities for team development across your entire lifecycle: requirements, architecture, construction, build, and test. This edition presents valuable new techniques for succeeding with Scrum in Visual Studio 2012 environments. Writing for every software team member, the authors identify powerful “Lessons Learned” at Microsoft, including important new lessons for reducing cycle time for deploying new features and fixes to production problems. Guckenheimer and Loje help you overcome every major cause of software waste, missed schedules, and poor quality—from build delays to irreproducible bugs, technology “silos” to inadequate distributed development processes. You’ll learn how to use Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 to empower and engage multidisciplinary, self-managing teams; improve their transparency; offer and respond to “Continuous Feedback Everywhere”; and maximize effectiveness from start to finish. Coverage includes: Accelerating the “flow of value” to customers in any software project Driving quality upstream to ensure cleaner product backlogs, code, and tests, and a more reliable build process Rapidly improving team development with the hosted Team Foundation Service Automating “burndowns” and using dashboards to gain a real-time, multidimensional view of quality and progress Using PowerPoint Storyboarding to align users and customers with developers Eliminating “no repro” bugs with VS 2012’s six powerful mechanisms for more accurate faults identification Using new feedback features to put a “usability lab” right into your customers’ hands Uncovering hidden architectural patterns in legacy software so you can refactor changes more confidently Storing the state of your work and environment with shelvesets, making interruptions less disruptive Quickly implementing Scrum or other Agile methods with Project Templates Fixing multiple recurring “cloned” bugs all at once Identifying “early warning signals” of emerging problems with quality or maintainability Setting up Hyper-V or cloud-based virtualized test environments Leveraging VS 2012’s new support for multiple Microsoft and open source unit testing frameworks Performing exploratory testing to uncover bugs in surprising places Testing immersive Windows 8 apps Working more effectively across distributed teams in large organizations Whatever your development role, this book will help you use Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 to focus on what really matters: building software that begins delivering exceptional value sooner and keeps delighting customers far into the future.

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