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Editing, Storing & Sharing your Digital Photos In Simple Steps
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Editing, Storing & Sharing your Digital Photos In Simple Steps

Автор: Louis Benjamin

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Editing, Storing & Sharing your Digital Photos In Simple Steps.

Top 10 digital photo-sharing tips1 Choosing software? Some suggestions2 Make your photos ready for sharing 3 Create a presence on the Web4 Become app-savvy5 Set your camera to name and number images for you6 Don't delete images on your camera7 Get better white balance8 Share your hard drive with both Macs and PCs9 Hard drives fail10 Find out about copyright and creative commons 1 Think workflow: plan your process, choose your toolsDigital photography tasksDealing with lots of photosConsidering JPEG v. raw shootingScanned images are digital photos, tooChoosing between cataloguing and browsingConsidering pixel v. parametric editingConsidering sidecar metadata v. DNG A look at Google Picasa 3A look at Photoshop Elements 9A look at LightroomA look at PhotoshopAdding functionality with plug-insCombining Photoshop with Lightroom 2 Shoot, transfer and scanSet your camera for JPEG shootingSet your camera for raw shootingOrganising and protecting your files Transfer files with a card readerImport with PicasaUse Photo Downloader in BridgeSet Photo Downloader to launch automaticallySpecify where Lightroom stores its catalogueImport images to Lightroom in expanded modeImport images to Lightroom in compact modeDownload photos from your smartphone A look at scanning with VueScanSet your initial scanning preferencesAdjust the input settingsAdjust the output settingsSet preferences for scanning to TIFFName and number your scanned files automaticallySet preferences for scanning to JPEGPreview, adjust and scan 3 Organise and browse: find your photos fastBrowse images in your operating system Browse in Picasa Use key elements of Bridge Browse in Bridge A look at the Library Module in Lightroom Browse in Lightroom Evaluate an image in Lightroom – the Loupe viewEvaluate an image in Lightroom – the Compare viewEvaluate and compare images in BridgeName files systematically Use Batch Rename in Bridge Rename files in Lightroom Rename folders in Bridge or LightroomCreate a new folder via Bridge Add a folder to Lightroom Synchronise Lightroom folders with those on your hard driveApply star ratingsFlag photos in Lightroom Tag by faces in Picasa Use map locations in Picasa Filter in Bridge Filter by text in Lightroom Filter by attribute in LightroomFilter by metadata in Lightroom­­4 Basic editing and image tuningEdit photos with PicasaEdit photos with Picasa – the Basic Fixes tabEdit photos with Picasa – the Tuning tabEdit photos with Picasa – the Effects tabUse the Lightroom Develop moduleSet preferences for Camera RawUse the Adobe Camera Raw interfaceUse the adjustment tabs in Camera RawUse the White Balance toolCrop or straighten an image in LightroomCrop an image or remove cropping in Camera RawStraighten an image in Camera RawRemove red-eye in LightroomRemove spots in LightroomAdjust exposure, recovery, fill light and so on in Camera Raw and LightroomUse Noise Reduction in Camera Raw or LightroomConvert to black and white in Lightroom or Camera RawAdd post-crop vignetting and simulate film grainMake variations with virtual copies in LightroomUse Develop presets in LightroomConsidering PhotoshopRound-trip editing: edit files in both Lightroom and Photoshop 5 Prepare images for sharingExport files from LightroomExport files from PicasaSet up a slide show in LightroomExport a slide show from LightroomSave to PDF from BridgeCreate a movie in PicasaResample in Photoshop using Image SizeUse Smart Sharpen in PhotoshopCreate Web and e-mail images in sRGBSave as JPEG from PhotoshopUse Save for Web & devices in Photoshop 6 Make prints for sharingPrepare for printingSet up your display for the best resultsResize for printing in PhotoshopPrint in Photoshop with Photoshop managing the coloursEdit and save Print SettingsSet pagelayout in PhotoshopSet colour management in PhotoshopPrint in black and white from PhotoshopUse the Print module in Lightroom 7 Use online print services Set up a Shutterfly account and upload photosOrder photo prints on ShutterflyCreate a photo mug on ShutterflyMake a Blurb bookCreate a business card at MOO 8 Share images via the InternetSet Lightroom for streamlined e-mail attachmentsA look at TumblrSet up a Tumblr accountUpload your first photo to TumblrChoose a theme and give your Tumblr blog a titleNavigate on TumblrCreate additional Tumblr postsPost with the Tumblr appNetwork your Tumblr blogManage your Tumblr blogSet up a Picasa Web Albums account and upload photosShare photos with Picasa Web AlbumsPut your photos on the map – literally – in Picasa or Picasa Web AlbumsUse Panoramio: map-based social networking Top 10 digital photo problems solved1 Importing into Lightroom is confusing2 Folders in Lightroom don't match what's on my computer3 I can't see some of my photos in Lightroom4 Double-clicking opens my photo in the wrong program5 My prints look dark6 My prints are coming out with a strong magenta cast7 My matt paper prints are coming out oddly coloured and mottled8 I'm getting a message about a missing colour profile in Photoshop9 I'm getting a message about an embedded profile mismatch in Photoshop10 How do I install colour profiles?

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