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Office 2010 for the Over 50s In Simple Steps
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Office 2010 for the Over 50s In Simple Steps

Автор: Joli Ballew

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Office 2010 for the Over 50s In Simple Steps.

Contents Top Ten Office Tips for the Over 50’s1. Create shortcuts to all Office programs2. Use the Format Painter 3. Preview and apply a style in Word4. Use Cut, Copy and Paste 5. Browse available templates6. Personalise the Quick Access Toolbar7. Add a sender to Outlook’s address book 8. Back up Outlook data9. Insert a picture or clip art10. Preview and apply a theme in PowerPoint1. Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010. Understand Office programs. Create shortcuts to programs. Open Office programs. Explore the Tabs. Explore the Ribbon. Explore the File tab. Understand Office Options2. Introduction to Microsoft Word. Open a new, blank document. Type a letter . Apply font characteristics to text . Preview and apply a style . Create a bulleted or numbered list. Insert a picture . Insert clip art. Edit a picture or clip art . Use the Thesaurus . Check spelling and grammar. Choose a different view . Use Zoom. Save a document. Get Help3. Edit documents. Open an existing document . Select and replace text . Use Cut, Copy, and Paste . Use Undo Typing and Redo Typing. Use Find and Replace . Use the Format Painter . Create a table. Add a comment . Use Strikethrough4. Share, print, and personalise. Email a document . Save and send a document as a PDF . Print a document . Explore printer settings . Print an envelope . Print labels . Change where files save by default. Personalise the Quick Access Toolbar. Learn More5. Introduction to Microsoft Outlook. Get a free email address. Start Outlook the first time and input email account information . Input a secondary email account. Set one account as the default account. Check for new emails. Stay in Mail View. Read (and delete) an email . Add a sender to the address book . Change how often Outlook checks for email. Reply to or forward an email . Compose a new email. Explore advanced formatting tools. Attach a file. Insert a picture. Edit a picture. Request receipts . Preview an attachment. Open and save attachments. Use Zoom. Keep your Inbox clean. Empty Sent and Deleted Items folders . Create folders . Move mail into folders 6. Explore Calendar and contacts. Explore Calendar view. Add an appointment. Set a reminder. Explore Folder List view. Browse contacts. Add a contact . Add a contact from an email. Create a contact group7. Print, personalise, back up, and explore. Use Print Preview. Print an email. Print a calendar. Search for an email . Move the Quick Access Toolbar. Add Print to the Quick Access Toolbar. Add New E-mail to the Quick Access toolbar. Add a Custom Group. Add your favorite commands to the Custom Group. Remove an item from the Ribbon. Understand the Outlook .pst file. Back up Outlook data. Export your Address Book. Archive messages. Learn More8. Introduction to Microsoft Excel. Open a new workbook from a template . Input data into cells . Use Zoom. Make cell data easier to see. Edit the contents in a cell. View another worksheet. Save a workbook. Open a new, blank, workbook. Create headings for a monthly expense budget. Create budget categories. Input budget approximations. Get the sum of a column of numbers. Get the average of a column of numbers. Copy and paste a formula. Get Help. Opt for templates9. Manage and edit workbooks. Name or rename a worksheet. Insert rows and columns. Delete and hide rows and columns. Merge cells. Select a range of data. Apply a conditional format to a range. Convert a range to a bar chart. Covert a range to a line chart. Add titles and data labels to a chart. Write your own formula. Get help with formulas10. Share, print, and personalise. Save a workbook. Change the file type. Create a PDF document. Protect a workbook. Send a workbook in an email. Use Print Preview. Explore Page Setup. Print a workbook. Change where files save by default. Personalise the Quick Access Toolbar. Customise the Ribbon. Learn More11. Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint. Open a new presentation. Explore templates. Preview and apply a theme. Add text to . Insert a text box. Apply font characteristics to text. Insert a picture . Insert clip art . Edit a picture or clip art. Create a bulleted or numbered list. Insert a hyperlink. Create additional slides. Apply a transition. Preview your slideshow. Get HelpTop Ten Office 2010 Problems Solved1. Find a synonym for a word2. Zoom in on anything3. Create a greeting card, award certificate, budget sheet, or anything else, fast!4. Configure Outlook to check for email more often5. Insert and delete rows and columns in Excel6. Change default settings in Office programs7. Resolve printing issues8. Resize, edit, or reposition pictures or clip art9. Resolve a problem with an Excel formula10. Resolve a problem that is not addressed here or in the book

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