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From Idea to App
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From Idea to App

Автор: Shawn Welch

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From Idea to App.

There may be “an app for that,” but every app starts as an idea. Ideas can come from anyone—designers or developers, marketing managers or CEOs—and this book is about bringing those ideas to life. iOS is a remarkable platform, both from a technology standpoint and as a pure business opportunity. With over 10 billion apps downloaded through the iTunes App Store, and over 50 million new iOS devices expected to ship in 2011, no other platform puts big business and individual developers on a level playing field like iOS does. Needless to say, if you have an idea for an app, now is the time to make it happen.Whether you’re a designer or a developer, this book will help you:Create basic user interface elementsUnderstand navigation metaphors and practicesDesign for multiple devicesCustomize system UI elementsIncorporate system-provided and custom animationsUse touch- and motion-based gesturesCreate UIViews and UIViewControllers using Core GraphicsAvoid rejection by the iTunes App Store

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