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HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers
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HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers

Авторы: Klaus Förster, Bernd Öggl

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HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers.

In HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers, two pioneering web developers provide a comprehensive guide to HTML5’s powerful new elements and techniques through compact, practical, easy-to-understand examples. You’ll discover just how much you can do with HTML5—from programming audio/video playback to integrating geographical data into pages and applications.This concise, friendly reference is packed with tips, tricks, and samples for making the most of HTML5 with JavaScript and the DOM. The authors present “pure HTML5” examples that are supported by browsers right now, and they share realistic insights into the challenges of leading-edge HTML5 development. All examples are available for download, with links to web resources for new information and specification updates. Topics covered include Browser support: What you can (and can’t) do with HTML5 todayHTML5 document structure and semanticsIntelligent forms, including new input types, elements, and client-side validationThe “video” and “audio” elements, and scripting media solutionsAdvanced graphics with Canvas and SVGGeolocation in the browser, including location tracking via Google MapsWeb storage, offline web applications, WebSockets,and Web WorkersEmbedding sematic markup with Microdata and the Microdata DOM APIImplementing drag-and-drop with the “draggable” attributeNew global attributes: “data-*,” “hidden,” “contenteditable,” “spellcheck,” and moreIf you’re a web developer or designer with at least basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, this book is all you need to masterHTML5—and get to the cutting edge of web development.

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