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Now that you've bought an amazing new DSLR, you need a video that goes beyond the camera manual to teach you how to compose great shots. In this video, professional photographer Nicole Young takes you into the studio and on location to show you how to arrange components in a photo based on the way a viewer's eye travels through an image. With Nicole as your guide, you'll learn how to create compelling images whether you're shooting portraits, landscapes, or action.Nicole starts with the basics of composition, showing you how to apply the rule of thirds to create interest in your shots and work the elements of color, shape, angles, and contrast to bring your own unique expression to any situation. She covers changing shutter speed to convey motion, working with aperture to create depth of field, and more. Then she takes you into Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to show you how to fine-tune your images through cropping and other adjustments.This is a DVD-ROM.Total running time: 57 minutes.System requirements: OS: Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher, Windows XP SP2 or higher; Browser: Safari 5.1.2, Chrome 14, Firefox 4, IS 9, or higher; QuickTime: 7.6.6 or higher; Min. screen resolution 1024x576

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