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Microsoft Excel 2007 In Simple Steps
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Microsoft Excel 2007 In Simple Steps

Автор: Greg Holden

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Microsoft Excel 2007 In Simple Steps.

Top 10 Excel Tips Launch Excel Select a cell Select a worksheet Create a basic formula Create a chart from all chart types Create a table Draw a shape Configure page size and orientation Protect a worksheet Share a worksheetChapter 1 – Starting to use Excel· Launch Excel · Open a new blank workbook · Open an existing workbook· Explore the Ribbon· Choose menu commands · Work with the Quick Access Toolbar· Choose dialogue box options· Use the status bar· Use task and window panes· Create a workbook from a template · Navigate a workbook · Manage multiple windows · Save a workbook· Save a workbook in different formats· Switch views· Close a workbook and quit Excel· Change workbook properties· Find help while you’re working· Update Excel Chapter 2 – Learning essential workbook techniques· Select a cell · Select rows and columns· Select multiple worksheets· Make special range selections · Enter a label · Enter a value · Automatically enter data with AutoFill· Insert or delete cell contents· Find cell contents· Replace cell contents· Move cell contents using the clipboard· Move data using drag-and-drop· Clear cell contents· Check your spelling· Activate smart tags· Insert a smart tag · Check your spelling· Translate text · Change proofing optionsChapter 3 – Managing workbooks and worksheets· Select a worksheet · Name or rename a worksheet· Move a worksheet · Copy a worksheet· Insert a column or row· Delete a column or row· Hide or display a worksheet· Hide or unhide a workbook· Hide or display a column or row· Freeze or unfreeze a column or row· Adjust column width or row height· Divide a worksheet into panes· Format numbers· Format text· Apply conditional formatting by comparison· Apply conditional formatting based on ranking and average· Manage conditional formatting· Add colour to cells· Add a pattern to a cellChapter 4 – Creating formulas and functions· Create a basic formula· Display formulas· Activate Formula AutoComplete· Use Formula AutoComplete· Edit a formula· Copy a formula· Use absolute cell references· Use mixed cell references· Name a cell or range with the Name box· Identify a cell or range with the New Name dialogue box· Add a named cell or range to a formula· Enter a name with the Use in Formula command· Organise names· Simplify a formula with ranges· Display calculations with the status bar· Calculate totals with AutoSum· Convert formulas to values· Create a custom formula calculationChapter 5 – Working with chartsChoose the type of chart you need Choose from all chart types Select parts of a chart Edit a chart Format chart elements Move a chart Resize a chart Edit a chart’s title Change chart labels Change a chart’s type Adjust layout and style Change a chart’s axis Work with pie charts Format chart text Change a chart’s background Create a PivotChart from a PivotTable Customise a PivotChart Modify a PivotChart ·  PivotChart· Update a PivotTable· Convert text to columns· Create an outlineChapter 7 – Creating and modifying graphics and shapesLocate and insert clip art Resize and move an image Find clip art online Divide clip art into categories Change clip art properties Add artwork to the Clip Organizer Remove artwork from the Clip Organizer Scale an image Change brightness and contrast Draw a shape Resize a shape Add text to a shape Draw a line or arrow Apply a Quick Style to a line Copy or move an object Fill an object with colour Distribute objects Chapter 8 – Publishing workbooks and worksheets· Configure page size and orientation · Customise page size · Adjust page margins· Use the ruler to adjust margins· Customise margin settings· Create headers and footers· Insert a page break· Specify the print area· Preview a worksheet before printing· Print a worksheet· Create a PDF file· Create an XPS document· Save a workbook as a webpage· Open a workbook in webpage format· Preview a webpage· Create a hyperlink · Format a hyperlinkChapter 9 – Protecting and securing your data· Protect a worksheet · Lock and unlock worksheet cells· Lock other worksheet elements· Encrypt a workbook· Password-protect a workbook· Set add-in security options· Add a digital signature· View a digital signature· Adjust Message Bar security options· Set privacy options· Make a workbook read-only· Adjust macro security settingsChapter 10 – Sharing your data with your colleagues· Share a worksheet· Configure sharing options · Create a cell comment · Read a comment· Edit a cell comment· Track Changes· Review tracked changes· Email a workbook for review· Work with XML· Change XML properties· Export data in XML· Export data· Import a text file· Link data· Get external data· Manage connectionsTop 10 Excel Problems Solved1 Excel doesn’t seem to be running properly 2 How do I interpret diagnostics results? 3 I need to enable Safe mode, what do I do? 4 I need to correct an Excel formula 5 I can’t send my workbook via email 6 I need to check an Excel worksheet for errors 7 How do I remove comments from worksheets? 8 I need to adjust a fobsp; An Add–in is missing 10

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