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Roy Stuart. Glympstotys. 1 DVD
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Roy Stuart. Glympstotys. 1 DVD

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Издательство: Skylight (2013 г.)

Твердый переплет+суперобложка, 320 стр.

ISBN: 978-3-03766-651-7

Вес: 1955 гр.

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Краткое описание

Roy Stuart. Glympstotys. 1 DVD.

Book & DVD. Text in English, French & German. After numerous requests, Roy Stuart is back with a new collection of photos. In it he unveils a more daring and subversive world that is bigger, bolder and goes further than anything hes already published. Since the creation of The Lost Door, his full-length feature film, Roy Stuart has continued to augment contemporary photography with his unique rhythm and voice. In a time when video dominates, still photography is no longer isolated. Instead, its immediacy is part of a stream where the image invokes a before and after, compressing and magnifying its power. Beyond the need for captions, a photograph must break free of its limitations and evolve, revealing a third dimension, able to express words, poetry or even music. The DVD that accompanies the book of photographs is much more than just a free gift. It is a true extension of the work, and invites you to re-examine it, questioning its limitations and unexplored possibilities. It contains sequences from Roy Stuarts GLIMPSE series, and clips from his photo shoots, accompanied by music and occasional text. The DVD represents an alliance between photography and video, providing a vision of what erotic art is, as opposed to the porn industry, which merely clutters up the Internet with junk.

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