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Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People
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Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Автор: Amy Sedaris.

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Краткое описание

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.

America's most delightfully unconventional hostess and the author of I Like You, Amy Sedaris here gives us a book that may forever change the world of crafting. Demonstrating that handicrafts are not merely a refuge for the undateable, but are in fact among life's more pleasurable and constructive leisure activities for those with little or no money, Sedaris shows that anyone with a couple of hours to kill and access to pipe cleaners can join the elite society of crafters."Sedaris once again invites us all to remember the 'good old days' with her off-the-wall crafting and entertaining suggestions. 'Did you know that inside your featureless well-worn husk is a creative you?' she asks. No doubt drawing on and making light of the current economic atmosphere, she notes, 'Being poor is a wonderful motivation to be creative'; and most crafts are made with found or salvaged materials. More a vehicle for Sedaris' knack for farce and costume than a real how-to guide (unless the formula for a 'wizard duck costume' marks the realization of your wildest dreams), it nevertheless contains a few useful facts, ideas, and recipes. The true joy of this book lies in its hilarious and amazingly well-styled photo spreads, many featuring Sedaris in one of her uncanny disguises, including a teenager, an elderly shut-in, and Jesus. She devotes equal time to instruction on making homemade sausage, gift-giving, crafting safety, and lovemaking (aka 'fornicrafting'). Those looking to make conventional crafts, obviously, should look elsewhere. Everyone else should sit down, have a laugh, and make your very own bean-and-leaf James Brown mosaic."—Booklist

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