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Beaton in the Sixties: More Unexpurgated Diaries
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Beaton in the Sixties: More Unexpurgated Diaries

Авторы: Cecil Beaton. Hugo Vickers, intro.

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Beaton in the Sixties: More Unexpurgated Diaries.

The enthusiastic reception for The Unexpurgated Beaton, the first volume of the diaries of Cecil Beaton as he wrote them, prompted his biographer and literary trustee Hugo Vickers to return to the 145 original manuscript volumes for a second effervescent and un-retouched selection. Here is Beaton in the second half of the 1960s at the peak of his career as a photographer and designer. The triumph of My Fair Lady, which he designed for both the theatre and on film, is behind him. But it is off with the old and on with the new in the "Swinging Sixties," the era of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Mary Quant. Beaton the photographer is as much in demand as ever, still contributing to Vogue, while Beaton the designer signs up for the Alan Jay Lerner-Andre Previn musical Coco, based on the life of his old friend Coco Chanel. Here in unexpurgated form is his chilling account of that gruesome experience, over which the menacing figure of Katharine Hepburn looms large. Beaton encounters Andy Warhol and Picasso and is fascinated by how the new generation tests the social boundaries as he and his friends had done in the 1920s. "The original diaries ... are dynamite. The snobbishness is salted with disgust and peppered with discontent.... Hugo Vickers as editor has done the gossipy old poseur a genuine literary service, rubbing away the blue pencil and giving us the uncensored, wincing reality of Beaton's sharp observation, cutting contempt and the personal insecurity behind his driving personal and professional ambition. Like all wonderful diarists, Beaton is a good hater who spares himself least of all."—SAGA Magazine

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