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StoryWorld: Legends of the Sea: Create-a-Story Kit
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StoryWorld: Legends of the Sea: Create-a-Story Kit

Автор: John & Caitlin Matthews.

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StoryWorld: Legends of the Sea: Create-a-Story Kit.

The pirate king, a mermaid, a magic compass, the great whale, the haunted wreck, charms for storms and peace, and a treasure map are just a few of the salty seagoing elements found in this set. If you've ever wanted to tell a story, but not known how to begin, this StoryWorld kit is an ingenious "helper" for unlocking the storyteller within you. Along with a guidebook, Legends of the Sea contains a deck of 28 large, beautifully illustrated cards that identify characters, creatures, places, and objects typically found within the genre and posit questions about how the particular element might impact a story. Perfect for travel games, rainy days, or creative play for kids 8 and up (and grownups too), the cards can be used in any number of imaginative ways, whether you pick and choose your favorites, draw them at random, or assign characters for other participants to act out. And because the cards each contain hidden clues linking them to other cards in the set, they can be used for a number of card playing games as well.

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