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Orpheus: The Song of Life
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Orpheus: The Song of Life

Автор: Ann Wroe.

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Orpheus: The Song of Life.

Half-man, half-god, musician, magician, theologian, poet, and lover, Orpheus has haunted humanity for at least two and a half millennia. In this extraordinary work, the author of Being Shelley goes in search of Orpheus, tracing the man and the power he represents through the myriad versions of a fantastical life: his birth in Thrace, his studies in Egypt, his voyage with the Argonauts to fetch the Golden Fleece, his love for Eurydice and the journey to Hades to rescue her, and his terrible death. From tantalizing Cicero and Plato to breathing new music into composers Gluck and Monteverdi; from occupying the mind of Jung and filling Rilke with poems to scandalizing the early Church Fathers, Orpheus emerges here as not simply another mythical figure but as the force of creation itself, singing the song of light out of darkness and life out of death."This insightful and visionary study, treading a perfect line between imagination and scholarship, is as readable and necessary as a fine novel. Ted Hughes, another mythographer, would have loved it."—Independent (London)

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