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1000 Years of English Literature: Revised Edition
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1000 Years of English Literature: Revised Edition

Авторы: Chris Fletcher. Roger Evans, Sally Brown & Jamie Andrews, contributors.

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1000 Years of English Literature: Revised Edition.

You might be wondering, as did we, how one could hope to represent a millennium of English literature in a paperback with some 200 color reproductions. Ah, but what subjects have been photographed here: a page from the "Sermon of the Wolf to the English," written by Archbishop of York Wulfstan circa 1014, with notations in his own hand. Here too are a leaf from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, dating from shortly after the poet's death and illuminated with an accurate portrait of him, and a manuscript page from Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, which William Caxton used to set the type in 1485. Among entries from the modern age are a page from Blake's notebook; part of Coleridge's manuscript for "Kubla Khan"; a page from the cancelled chapters of Jane Austen's Persuasion; Keats' poem "Hyperion," with corrections; Mary Shelley's mournful poem to her husband, written between his departure and the discovery of his body at sea; Lear's "How pleasant to know Mr. Lear!", written out for a friend and illustrated with Lear's own cartoon of himself; and original and corrected pages from Shaw's Pygmalion. Byron, the Brownings, the BrontГ«s, Dickens, Wilde, Conrad, Hardy, Woolf, Plath, Auden, and Pinter are all represented as well.

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