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Naked: The Nude in America
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Naked: The Nude in America

Автор: Bram Dijkstra.

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Naked: The Nude in America.

Through more than 400 color reproductions, this substantive volume offers a thorough and wide-ranging survey of the male and female nude in American visual culture, from its earliest manifestations in the 18th-century paintings of John Singleton Copley and Benjamin West to late 20th-century images from such artists as Alice Neel, Robert Mapplethorpe, Eric Fischl, and John Currin. Instead of separating "high" and "low" art, Bram Dijkstra charts such cultural evolutions as the discovery of pubic hair, the invasion of the pin-up queens, "the inexorable rise of the breast," and the puzzling fluctuations of American prudery. Naked also examines the effects of the early 20th century's infatuation with Freudian psychoanalysis and the more recent fascination of comic book art with the legacy of Bettie Page and a series of ever more muscular heroines. "It is important to note that the author of this oversize survey of the history of the representation of the male and female nude in American art is a cultural historian, not an art historian. That is an important fact for the reader to know upfront, not for judging the quality of his perceptions, but for realizing from the outset his perspective, which is announced in the first line of his introduction: 'The mind-boggling contradictions of American culture are nowhere as obvious as in its constantly shifting attitudes towards the naked human body.' In theme-based chapters that move in chronological order from colonial to modern times, Dijkstra develops such topics as the changing perceptions of female roles in society, the 'incursion' of physical realism, nudity for shock value, and the pin-up-girl craze, all augmented, of course, by a wondrous array of illustrations.... Care should be taken by the librarian that pages are not lifted from the book."—Booklist

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