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Fever: A Novel of Typhoid Mary
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Fever: A Novel of Typhoid Mary

Автор: Mary Beth Keane.

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Краткое описание

Fever: A Novel of Typhoid Mary.

(Named a Best Book of 2013 by the San Francisco Chronicle, Library Journal, and NPR) In 1884, at age 15, Mary Mallon emigrated from Ireland to make her way in New York City. Brave and headstrong, she worked her way up through domestic service to the kitchen, where she discovered in herself the true talent of a chef, and was soon sought after by wealthy families. But as the author of The Walking People humanely portrays her in this biographical novel, the independent Mary was dealt a cruel blow when she was identified as the first healthy carrier of typhoid fever. Unable to accept that she could never cook again, she ultimately spent nearly three decades in enforced quarantine."In Mary Beth Keane's wholly absorbing, deeply moving new novel, Mallon emerges as a woman of fierce intelligence and wrongheaded conviction.... Transforming a lived past into riveting fiction, Keane gives us a novel that thrums with life, and a heroine whose regrets, though entirely specific, feel utterly familiar."—Boston Globe"A gripping, morally provocative story of love and survival that will take you by surprise at every turn. It is also a radiant portrait of a uniquely indomitable woman and of a uniquely tumultuous time in the history of our country. Bravely and brilliantly, Keane has brought to life the intimate human tragedy obscured by the scornful cliché 'Typhoid Mary'; you will never utter those words again without remembering, and mourning, the real Mary Mallon."—Julia Glass

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