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Tobys Room
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Toby's Room

Автор: Pat Barker.

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Toby's Room.

The Booker Prize–winning author of the Regeneration trilogy returns here to the characters she created in Life Class, picking up the strand of art student Elinor Brooke. Within the web of their complicated family relationships, Elinor and her older brother Toby are close; some might say a bit too close. At the outbreak of World War I, Toby is posted to the front as a medical officer, while Elinor employs her artistic skills to help doctors reconstruct the shattered faces of men maimed in combat. Then one day in 1917, Elinor has the sudden premonition that Toby is not coming back—though when the telegram "Missing, believed killed" arrives, she refuses to accept the official report, and goes searching for the truth."Toby's Room takes large risks. It's dark, painful and indelibly grotesque, yet it's also tender. It strains against its own narrative control to create, in the midst of ordinary life, a kind of deformed reality—precisely to illustrate how everything we call 'ordinary' is disfigured by war. And it succeeds brilliantly."—NYTBR

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