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The World Jones Made
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The World Jones Made

Автор: Philip K. Dick.

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Краткое описание

The World Jones Made.

Precognition—a world ruled by Relativism; giant alien jellyfish—The World Jones Made is a classic Philip K. Dick mash-up, taking deep philosophical musings and infusing them with wild action. Floyd Jones has always been able to see exactly one year into his future, a gift and curse that began one year before he was even born. As a fortune-teller at a post-apocalyptic carnival, Jones is a powerful force, and may just be able to force society away from its paralyzing Relativism—if he can avoid the radioactively unstable government hit man on his tail. Along with its engineered mutants, hermaphroditic sex performers, and protoplasmic drifters from the stars, Dick gives us nothing less than a deadly accurate reading of our own hunger for belief. "The fact that what Dick is entertaining us about is reality and madness, time and death, sin and salvation—this has escaped most critics," wrote Ursula K. Le Guin in New Republic. "Nobody notices that we have our own homegrown Borges."

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