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Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version
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Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version

Автор: Philip Pullman.

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Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version.

Two centuries ago, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their first volume of fairy tales. Since then, such stories as "Cinderella," "Snow White," "Rapunzel," and "Hansel and Gretel" have become deeply woven into the Western imagination. Philip Pullman, creator of a whole other Earth in the His Dark Materials trilogy, here gives us his favorite 50 tales from the Brothers Grimm, told anew. He retells the most popular stories and also lesser-known treasures like "The Three Snake Leaves," "Godfather Death," and "The Girl with No Hands," and offers his personal commentaries on each story's sources, variations, and everlasting appeal. "Pullman's Fairy Tales offers something unique: the chance to watch a master storyteller think through these most foundational of tales.... It is fascinating."—NYTimes"You didn't know you needed to reread Grimm. You do. This is a grand and great book.... I read it ravenously, rapturously."—Gregory Maguire"Zippy! ... These tales are about plot and economy and speed [and] make great bedtime read-alouds for children who can handle a little gore.... The original tales weren't for children, of course; they were for everyone. So is this book.... Pullman is both erudite and funny.... He has fun with dialogue, and is particularly snappy with dwarfs.... You know what? He crushes it, as the youth of today are wont to say.... His translations are perfection."—NYTBR

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