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Testament of Youth
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Testament of Youth

Автор: Vera Brittain.

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Testament of Youth.

"Few young women could have been less forewarned and forearmed than I was against the war in general, and the Army Hospital Service in particular." In 1915 Vera Brittain abandoned her studies at Oxford to enlist as a nurse in the armed services, after her fiancé Roland went to the front. She served in London, Malta, and in France on the western front and saw the horrors of modern warfare first-hand; by war's end she had lost Roland, her brother Edward, and two of her best friends. Her 1933 memoir is both a record of what she lived through and an elegy for a vanished generation. "It would seem enough that Vera Brittain's autobiography is an honestly gut-wrenching love story, a haunting account of her romance with a brilliant young soldier who died at the front in World War I. Testament of Youth is her tribute to her beloved warrior, but it is also an insightful and beautifully written record of her world before, during, and after the war. As the book begins, Vera Brittain is a young woman determined to free herself from the constraints placed upon females in England. She longs for 'a more eventful existence and a less restricted horizon.' Ironically, soon after her hard-won acceptance at mostly-male Oxford, war begins, and the repressive English society is altered at its core. While the war cruelly robs Vera Brittain of her lover, her brother, her dearest friends, and her academic work, it also opens a new world for her, allowing her to leave her previously cloistered and chaperoned female enclave and to go alone to various foreign fronts as a nurse for wounded soldiers. She is a shrewd and intelligent observer of all aspects of the war, and her liberal use of passages from letters, diaries, and the poetry of her wartime contemporaries gives her story a directness and an emotional impact which obliterates the decades between then and now. In the end, this is a testament to a fiercely independent spirit and a strong, wise feminist who was not afraid."—500 Great Books by Women

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