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Hemingway Cutthroat
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Hemingway Cutthroat

Автор: Michael Atkinson.

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Краткое описание

Hemingway Cutthroat.

Set in 1937 civil war–torn Spain, Michael Atkinson's sequel to 2009's Hemingway Deadlights finds the author—or a fictional version of Ernest Hemingway, at any rate—covering the war for the American press. He's come looking for stories and danger, but along the way finds a friend murdered amid the ruins. Hemingway sets out to find out who killed José Robles Pazos, a bureaucrat in the Popular Front, and who's covering it up. With John Dos Passos at his side, Hemingway discovers that his old World War I buddy is no casualty of war, but a victim of something far more terrible. "Atkinson’s first novel starring Papa Hemingway as a sleuth (Hemingway Deadlights, 2009) was set in 1956 and found the world-famous author on the verge of serious decline. This time the clock moves back to Hemingway’s salad days, 1937 and the Spanish civil war. But what gives this series its spunk is the way Atkinson plays against the he-man Papa stereotype, showing us Hemingway the blowhard, Hemingway the sloppy drunk, and even Hemingway the hypocrite. And, yet, there is also Hemingway the craftsman (groping after the story that would eventually become For Whom the Bell Tolls) and Hemingway the stand-up guy, refusing to look the other way when a story slaps him upside the head. This time that story concerns the murder of one of the Spanish Republic’s leading officials. Hemingway, with the timid assistance of idealistic but ineffectual John Dos Passos, lumbers after the scoop, ruffling numerous feathers along the way and winding up in Guernica at exactly the wrong time."—Booklist

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