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The Life of Kingsley Amis
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The Life of Kingsley Amis

Автор: Zachary Leader.

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The Life of Kingsley Amis.

Renowned for his blistering intelligence, savage wit, and fierce opinion, Kingsley Amis was not only a leading comic novelist of his generation—having first achieved prominence with the publication of Lucky Jim in 1954, and as one of Britain's Angry Young Men—but also a dominant figure in post–World War II literature as novelist, poet, critic, and polemicist. This authorized biography, by the editor of The Letters of Kingsley Amis, draws not only on unpublished works and correspondence but also on interviews with a wide range of Amis's friends, relatives, fellow writers, students, and colleagues, many of whom have never spoken out before. Even as he makes the case for Amis's cultural centrality—at his death, Time magazine claimed that "the British decades between 1955 and 1995 should in fairness be called 'the Amis era'"—Zachary Leader explores the writer's phobias, self-doubts, and ambitions; the controversies in which he was embroiled; and the role that alcohol played in a life bedeviled by erotic entanglements, domestic turbulence, and personal disaster."This is a book of true stature about a complex talent. Few literary biographies can match it for depth and intimacy."—Sunday Times (London)"Outstanding.... Leader has surpassed himself.... He gives us not only the man, but also his milieu; he gives us not only the compelling virtues but also the staggering flaws. This is the best biography I have read for ages: deeply researched, crisply written and beautifully judged."—Daily Telegraph (London)

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