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The Ignorance of Blood
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The Ignorance of Blood

Автор: Robert Wilson.

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Краткое описание

The Ignorance of Blood.

This is the fourth and final thriller starring inspector Jefe Javier Falcón, brilliantly capping Gold Dagger Award–winner Robert Wilson's series that began with The Blind Man of Seville. While Falcón is struggling to find the terrorists who bombed an apartment block in The Hidden Assassins, the death of a gangster in a spectacular car crash reveals vital evidence implicating the Russian mafia. But it pitches Falcón into the heart of a turf war over prostitution and drugs, in which even eight-year-old Darío, the son of his lover Consuelo, can be taken as a pawn."Caught between two sets of criminals, equally determined to bend Falcón to their will, both claiming to have Darío ... it's no wonder that Falcón's hard-pressed to help his best friend Yacoub Diouri, an undercover agent who's infiltrated a group of Moroccan terrorists only to find that they've enlisted Yacoub's son Abdullah as a suicide bomber. Half a dozen other meaty, painstakingly interlinked subplots make this climactic volume as close-knit as a prose poem on counterterrorism."—Kirkus Reviews"Falcón comes to some startling revelations about his career, his relationships and his future.... Readers will find the action-packed—and bombshell-laden—conclusion well worth the wait. As always, the richly described Seville backdrop is a plus."—Publishers Weekly

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