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When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House
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When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House

Автор: Patricia O'Toole.

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When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House.

Theodore Roosevelt reveled in his presidential power and used it to enlarge the scope of the office, expand government's role in economic affairs, and increase U.S. influence abroad. He was only 50 when he left the White House, and spent much of his remaining years longing to return. Mining newly available historical information, particularly of TR's time in Africa, the author of the Pulitzer Prize–nominated Henry Adams biography The Five of Hearts here conducts a thorough investigation of this colorful and revealing decade of Roosevelt's life."To the question of what Teddy Roosevelt did before becoming president, Edmund Morris supplied a Pulitzer Prize–winning answer in The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (1979), and then David McCullough provided a National Book Award–winning answer in Mornings on Horseback (1981). But what did TR do after his presidency? Plenty, according to this new and greatly informative account. O'Toole is the author of the critically well-received Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends (1990), and her scholarship here is just as scrupulous and her interpretations of character and motivations just as sound and fresh. As we follow in dramatic detail (the only suitable kind of detail when dealing with the old Rough Rider), Teddy, after leaving the White House occupied by his handpicked successor, William Taft, went on a long safari in Africa. But by the time he arrived back home, he was showing definite impatience with his protégé. His desire for a third term brought disaster for the Republican Party in the 1912 election and ensured a Democratic victory. TR died in 1919, and the lasting impression from this excellently drawn post-presidential biography is that he became chief executive too early in his life, possessing too much energy, attitude, and ego to be a truly effective ex-president."—Booklist

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