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The Great Wall Revisited: From the Jade Gate to Old Dragons Head
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The Great Wall Revisited: From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head

Автор: William Lindesay.

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The Great Wall Revisited: From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head.

Perhaps the most famous structure in the world, the Great Wall of China has certainly inspired its share of coffee-table books. This one, though not particularly large, is one of the more engaging books on the subject, discussing not just the Wall itself but also its history, its cultural impact, and its unexpectedly dynamic physical presence as it changes over generations. William Lindesay spent three years traveling northern China with his camera and a file of vintage photographs (some dating back to 1871), attempting to create new images from the same locations. He compares 72 pairs of photos here, revealing much about how the wall has changed (and in one case documenting the theft of a keystone with a demon face, which he photographed in 2004 but which was missing in 2005)."The mystery and magnificence of the Great Wall of China have fascinated historians and artists for centuries. In recent years, photographer Lindesay traveled the entire length of the wall to document its current state in comparison to earlier photographs and drawings. For this elegant, lavishly illustrated book, Lindesay selected 72 of the most striking comparisons, juxtaposing his new photographs with the older images to illustrate the 'changes inflicted by man and nature.' For example, in 1937, the Chinese photographer Sha Fei snapped a picture of the Three Towers in the Hebei section of the wall, capturing the power of the towers with their battlements intact. Over 70 years later, as Lindesay's photo shows, none of the towers still stand. In sections of the wall at Shanhaiguan, Lindesay's photos reveal that towers farther up the mountain remain in better condition those lower down, possibly because locals took the stones for building materials. Lindesay's album—a gorgeous visual complement to John Man's The Great Wall— provides a one-of-a-kind time-lapse view of the wall and a thoughtful lesson about the preservation of historical monuments."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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