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A Strong West Wind
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A Strong West Wind

Автор: Gail Caldwell.

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Краткое описание

A Strong West Wind.

A Pulitzer Prize–winning book critic and the author of Let's Take the Long Way Home, her 2010 memoir of her friendship with columnist Caroline Knapp, Gail Caldwell gave us this remarkable first book in 2006. She lyrically writes of growing up in the Texas panhandle, the daughter of patriotic conservatives, who comes of age in the era of sex, drugs, and political protest. She also writes of how we each come to define ourselves, and considers the books that helped her make sense of her world. Caldwell would grow up to become a writer, but first she would have to fall in love with a man who was every mother's nightmare, endure the crucible of the Vietnam years, and defy the father she adored, who had served as a master sergeant in World War II."Gail Caldwell's quiet, burnished memoir is a story of a life's affections—for her Texas parents, for the sere landscape of the panhandle, and for the road paved with book upon precious book that runs in both directions: far away and home again."—Richard Ford"I loved A Strong West Wind. [Caldwell] writes of her adventures in the sixties and seventies, and the quest for truth in California, with the authentic voice of the children who once made life hell for the 'Greatest Generation' and in the process turned out pretty great themselves."—Russell Baker"'How do we become who we are?' asks Caldwell at the outset of this gorgeously written memoir about a life rooted in the Texas panhandle.... Caldwell devotes a pleasing portion of this metaphor-rich, beautifully structured reminiscence to her childhood enthrallment to books, particularly war novels.... A warrior in her own right, Caldwell overcame childhood polio, rejected academia, stood up for feminism, and protested the Vietnam War. Caldwell locates the source of her intractability in amazing stories about her determined grandparents, serenely powerful mother, and tough father, a laconic veteran of World War II and a mean poker player. We are who we are, Caldwell's memoir reveals, by virtue of inheritance, place, the times, and the core self, that mysterious wild card."—Booklist (starred review)

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