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Take-Off: Technical English for EngineeringInteractive Course Book CD-ROM
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Take-Off: Technical English for EngineeringInteractive Course Book CD-ROM

Авторы: Morgan, David; Regan, Nicholas Falletta

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Серия: Professional & Business English

Издательство: Garnet (2009 г.)


ISBN: 9781859644768, 978-1-859-64476-8

Размер: 130mmx185mmx14mm

Вес: 350 гр.

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Краткое описание

Take-Off: Technical English for EngineeringInteractive Course Book CD-ROM.

Take-Off: Technical English for Engineering Interactive Course Book CD-ROMTake-Off has been designed for non-native speakers of English who are studying Engineering (NVQ Level 2 and above. The aeronautical context is particularly aimed at technicians and engineers who are going on to work in the aeronautics industry.Take-Off is an ESP course for intermediate-level students. Unlike many ESP courses, it teaches genuine transferable skills and is ideal for students who need to further their technical training in English. The focus is on skills development, using relevant contexts, with grammar taking a strong supporting role.Reading and listening development is dealt with in the context of understanding instructions and information in technical manuals. Students develop the speaking skills of asking for and giving factual information, and the writing skills necessary to complete workplace documentation, such as accident reports and safety assessments.Take-Off uses a communicative methodology, with graded tasks that are careful scaffolded to involve and motivate the students, providing them with a clear sense of achievement. The wide variety of texts and task types will appeal to a broad range of ages and nationalities.The Take-Off Interactive Course Book is a digital replica of the Course Book, with the following additional features:Embedded audio for display using data show projectorEasy-to-use tools - highlighter and draw tools, moveable sticky motes, stopwatch and a drag-zoom function - which enable teachers to use Course Book pages to suit individual lessonsAdditional interactive activitiesA bank of tests are provided online. Please contact us if you have purchased the book and would like access to these tests.Key FeaturesPractical skills developed for dealing with oral and writteninstructions and documentationTask-based approach ensures achievable lesson outcomesVariety of texts and tasks on a wide range of aeronautical topicsTwo review sections to consolidate skills and vocabulary knowledgeGlossary and electrical appendixAudio CDs for further self-study and homeworkAccompanying Course Book, Workbook and Teacher's Book also available.Please note: this CD-Rom is PC-compatible only.

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