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i-Test CentreOnline student placement test
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i-Test CentreOnline student placement test

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i-Test CentreOnline student placement test.

The Garnet i-Test is an instant, accurate and secure interactive testof English language competence and performance. It has beenspecifically designed for use as a placement test, and assesses thetest-takers’ Reading, Listening and Usage of English abilities. Thei-Test is skills-based, is correlated to Garnet Education’s Skills in English series and tests English language skills from Pre-intermediate levelupwards (CEF: A2, IELTS: 3.0). It provides test-takers with an accurateand reliable reflection of their English ability, and allows educationalinstitutions to discover the level of their students quickly andeasily.When a consumer buys the Garnet i-Test, they are not buying a single test; they are purchasing a Garnet i-Test centre.The system is designed to cater for educational institutions such asuniversities or language schools who need to assess the initial levelsof their students. For these institutions, an i-Test centre allows themto maintain control of test sittings and to monitor results.Garnet Education sets up a Garnet i-Test centre centrally. Theinstitution designates an i-Test Administrator. The institutionAdministrator can create Supervisor accounts and monitor the number ofremaining credits. Supervisors can set up test sittings and monitor theresults of test-takers.When the Garnet i-Test centre is set up, the consumer purchases acertain number of ‘credits’ (100, 500, 1,000 or 3,000). TheAdministrator can order more at any time. A credit is a licence for asingle test sitting. One credit equals one test for one student, and isused up either when a test is completed, or when a Supervisor reviews anincomplete test.Key FeaturesRandomized item banking enables testing in one locationEasy, fast and reliableTests reading and writing skills from CEF A2Universally applicable - not bound to specific productsWhat to expect from the i-Test:READINGVery short, simple Subject-Verb-Complement sentences with beShort, simple Subject-Verb-Object/Complement/Adverb sentences with a range of verbsLong Subject-Verb-Object/Complement/Adverb sentences with coordination, introductory sentences and prepositional phrasesLong, complex sentences with passives, subordination, non-finite clauses, elliptical structures and pseudo-cleft sentencesAs above, with embedding: past perfect structures and stance adverbialsLISTENINGRecognizing words in isolationRecognizing vowel soundsRecognizing words in contextRecognizing questions and appropriate responsePredicting and recognizing the next wordFollowing a talkUSAGEProducing numbers in isolation from visual promptsProducing words in isolation from visual promptsProducing sentences from visual promptsRecognizing the correct form to complete a sentenceDictationPlease contact Garnet Education directly for further details.

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