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American Terroir: Savoring the Flavors of Our Woods, Waters, and Fields
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American Terroir: Savoring the Flavors of Our Woods, Waters, and Fields

Автор: Rowan Jacobsen.

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American Terroir: Savoring the Flavors of Our Woods, Waters, and Fields.

(Named a Best Food Book of 2010 by Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews) Terroir (tare-wahr), the "taste of place," was originally coined by the French to describe the way local conditions like soil and climate affect the flavor of wine, and the James Beard Award–winning author of A Geography of Oysters, Fruitless Fall, and The Living Shore explains here that place matters in food as well. Why does honey from the tupelo-lined banks of the Apalachicola River have a kick of cinnamon unlike any other? Why is salmon from Alaska's Yukon River the richest in the world? Why does one underground cave in Greensboro, Vermont, produce many of the country's most intense cheeses? Rowan Jacobsen explores the "flavor landscapes" of some of the Americas' most iconic foods, including apples, honey, maple syrup, coffee, oysters, salmon, wild mushrooms, wine, cheese, and chocolate, with recipes by the author and by leading local chefs."One cannot help but get a little hungry while perusing Jacobsen's enchanting book. Part manifesto, part travelogue, part science lesson, and part cookbook, this saliva-inducing work is perhaps best described as erotica—a sensual, titillating, sometimes lewd journey into the best foodstuffs of America.... It also serves to pair the pleasure of eating with a reverence for where our food comes from.... Jacobsen's love of the earth's bounty is not merely sensual but yields deeper moral insights about the world."—New Republic"[The author] discovers the best avocados in Mexico's Michoacán. He finds superior cheeses and maple syrup in Vermont. Northeast Canada yields both mussels and mushrooms. And Jacobsen sources the world's most esteemed coffee beans from the mountains of Panama. In his travels to these far-flung farms, Jacobsen shows that it is as much farmers' dedication to their profession that counts as the soil itself."—Booklist"Jacobsen is hardly the first to broach the subject of artisanal and local food, although he might be the most unpretentious. His message is a simple reminder that we should pay attention to where our food comes from, not necessarily from faddish motivations or environmental concerns.... Food simply tastes better, he shows, when it doesn't come in a shrink-wrapped package shipped from halfway across the world.... His book is, he writes, a romance about good eating, and what makes eating good, and most of all, a love story about our vast and varied land."—Zócalo Public Square

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