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Jutland Cottage
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Jutland Cottage

Автор: Angela Thirkell.

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Jutland Cottage.

Helping the county's denizens move past their grieving for the death of King George VI, the whispered inklings of a romance between a new rector and "the incredibly beautiful and even more incredibly silly" Rose Fairweather lighten the mood in this 22nd Barsetshire novel, originally published in 1953. But at the center of this tale is Admiral Phelps's daughter Margot, a 40-ish ugly duckling who is taken in hand by the ladies of Barsetshire and transformed into a swan. As the daughter of Margaret Burne-Jones, granddaughter of Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones, and first cousin once removed of Rudyard Kipling and Stanley Baldwin, Angela Thirkell (1890–1961) was steeped in British art and culture—though for her, writing was a necessary way of supporting herself and her sons. Like all of her Barsetshire novels, this one is a smoothly written, satisfying little bonbon, flavored with just the right amounts of satire, wit, and romance, and can be read on its own—though we're sure that once you've finished it, you'll want to snap up all of them.

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