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McSweeneys Issue 31
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McSweeney's Issue 31

Авторы: Dave Eggers, Pierre Joseph Redoute

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Краткое описание

McSweeney's Issue 31.

Barthelme said that "The Novel of the Soil is dead, as are Expressionism, Impressionism, Futurism, Imagism, Vorticism, Regionalism, Realism, the Kitchen Sink School of Drama, the Theatre of the Absurd, the Theatre of Cruelty, Black Humor, and Gongorism." But he left out, rather pointedly, the Biji, the Nivola, the Graustarkian Romance, the Consuetudinary, the Whore's Dialogue, the Fornaldarsaga, and the 80s, which are not dead; they are all in McSweeney's Issue 31, as rendered by Douglas Coupland, Joy Williams, John Brandon, Shelley Jackson, Mary Miller, and Will Sheff. Other fugitive genres are recaptured here by our finest contemporary writers, as part of a project to bring 'em back alive (except for the 80s; there is actually nothing about the 80s). And they are handsomely presented in a tall oversized format with a laminated cover embossed with gold foil, while annotations in russet ink appear in the wide margins throughout. McSweeney's began in 1998 as a literary journal that published only works rejected by other magazines. That rule was soon abandoned, and since then McSweeney's has attracted work from some of the finest writers in the country—including Jonathan Franzen, William T. Vollmann, Rick Moody, Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Lethem, Michael Chabon, T.C. Boyle, Steven Millhauser, Stephen King, and Ann Beattie—and won a fistful of magazine and design awards. At the same time, the journal continues to be a major home for new and unpublished writers, and each issue is treated to its own unique presentation.

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