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Red Cloud: The Greatest Warrior Chief of the American West
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Red Cloud: The Greatest Warrior Chief of the American West

Автор: Bob Drury & Tom Clavin.

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Red Cloud: The Greatest Warrior Chief of the American West.

(Named a Best Book of 2013 by Salon and a Best Biography of the Year by True West magazine) The great Sioux warrior-statesman Red Cloud was the only American Indian in history to defeat the U.S. Army and force the government to sue for peace on his terms. "The white man lies and steals," Red Cloud told his thousands of fighters. "My lodges were many, now they are few. The white man wants all. They must fight for it." Perhaps because of his success, Red Cloud's story remained largely obscured in the pageant of America's western expansion, until an 1893 autobiography resurfaced a century later—the basis for this gripping, vividly reported life from the co-authors of Last Men Out and The Last Stand of Fox Company. What came to be known as Red Cloud's War (1866–68) began over encroachment on the sacred Black Hills of Dakota, and culminated in a slaughter of American troops, sending a warning to Washington that the Plains Indians would fight, and die, for their land and traditions. This is the British edition of the book The Heart of Everything That Is. "Red Cloud is one of the great figures in 19th-century America's tortured relationships with the many peoples who occupied our country before we took it. Finally, there is a portrait worthy of the man, fully drawn and realized, all the complicated undertow acknowledged and embraced."—Ken Burns"A ripping yarn ... a quintessentially Western tale of bold exploits, tough characters, brutal conditions and a lost way of life, this sounds like the sort of story that practically tells itself. Yet you only realize how little justice most popular histories do to their source material when you come across a book, like this one, that does everything right. It's customary to say of certain nonfiction books—gussied up with plenty of 'color' and psychological speculation—that they 'read like a novel,' but truth be told, most of the time we'd have to be talking about a pretty mediocre novel. The Heart of Everything That Is, on the other hand, resembles the good ones. There were times, turning its pages, when I could almost smell the pines of the Black Hills, feel the icy wind tearing down from Canada across the prairie and hear the hooves of the buffalo pounding the earth."—Salon

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