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The Complete Film Production Handbook (+ CD-ROM)
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The Complete Film Production Handbook (+ CD-ROM)

Автор: Eve Light Honthaner

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Издательство: Focal Press (2001 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 536 стр.

ISBN: 0-240-80419-8

Вес: 1215 гр.

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Краткое описание

The Complete Film Production Handbook (+ CD-ROM)

The Complete Film Production Handbook is a comprehensive step-by-step guide covering the essentials of the business, from checklists and sample pre-production and post production schedules to contracts and company policies relating to insurance, talent management, and even customs and immigration details. The book contains all of the many necessary forms including SAG, DGA, and WGA forms, together with standard production forms, deal memos, and release forms that are found both in the book and on the companion CD-ROM.

This book provides producers and production managers with a quick reference and an easy means of training their production staff on the day-to-day procedures needed to keep their production running smoothly. It provides film students with an in-depth look at what must be considered and accomplished before a single camera can roll, and a more comprehensive understanding of the logistics that are required to complete and deliver a finished picture. First-time independent filmmakers will find this the most comprehensive and helpful resource guide available.

This new edition includes substantial updates throughout. New chapters examine such topics as:
- Defining the members of a production team and their job responsibilities;
- Finding, setting up, and running a production office;
- Basic accounting procedures;
- Script breakdowns, boards, and schedules;
- The daily routine during principal photography;
- Working with vendors, negotiating deals, and saving money;
- Working with extras;
- Foreign locations-work visas, shipping, and customs;
- Commercial production.

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