Книга Secrets and Mysteries - Дениз Линн : купить по низкой цене

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Secrets and Mysteries
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Secrets and Mysteries

Автор: Дениз Линн

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Издательство: Hay House (2002 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 224 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4019-0103-5

Размер: {Книга Secrets and Mysteries - Дениз Линн : купить по низкой цене}

Вес: 294 гр.

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Secrets and Mysteries.

Secrets and Mysteries will give you a profound understanding of what it means to be a woman. Full of passion, mysticism, and practical information, it will tap in to the source of your power at the depths of your soul. Through her own extraordinary life experience and her knowledge of native cultures round the world, Denise Linn reveals how you can activate ancient wisdom to become a magnificent woman of strength and grace—in other words, how you can become a Glorious Woman!

This unusual and indispensable book will show you:

•the invisible patterns that shape a woman’s life;
•how to nurture and replenish your body and soul;
•how to discover the mysteries of the Goddess;
•how to activate a radiant confidence and self-esteem;
•the pleasure of outrageous orgasms;
•how to awaken you inner warrior woman;
•the art of sacred sexuality;
•how to initiate and celebrate your ecstatic life force; and
•the secrets of a shamaness’s power

Each chapter offers a rich tapestry of information, ritual, story, and meditations: a combination of timeless lore and the majesty of the feminine experience. With a strong voice and powerful images relevant to women of all ages and backgrounds, Denise Linn has compiled a remarkable handbook for any Goddess-in-the-Making.

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