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Автор: Andrew Noakes

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Porsche is a legendary name in motoring. Its 356 and, especially, 911 models have become sports car icons and its achievements in racing, particularly sports car racing, are the stuff of dreams for most manufacturers.
This superbly illustrated book brings together dozens of full color photographs which tell the Porsche story from the days of its very first model, the 356. Following its success, and the giant-killing performances of early Porsche racing cars such as the 550 Spyder, the company produced the seminal 911 in 1964. Development over the 911's long production life turned it from a well-made sporting coupe into a turbocharged supercar, fast and exciting on the road and effective in racing and rallying.
Alongside the 911, Porsche diversified by building more affordable sports cars, such as the 914 and 924 (which later developed into the successful 944 and 968 series) together with a luxury GT, the 928. Porsche also put its engineering expertise to work on behalf of other manufacturers, and all the time its motorsport successes kept mounting. There were numerous wins at Le Mans, and a dominant return to Formula 1 with the TAC-Porsche engines for McLaren.
In recent times there have been successive generations of cars bearing the 911 name, and ever faster GT derivatives for road and racing. A new roadster called the Boxster and the Cayenne SUV have been added to the range, together with the awesome mid-engined Carrera GT.
All of these and more are here.

Издание на английском языке.

Формат: 22,5 см х 28 см.

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