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New Classicists: Ken Tate Architect, Selected Houses Volume Two
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New Classicists: Ken Tate Architect, Selected Houses Volume Two

Автор: Graves Nelson

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Издательство: Images Publishing Dist A/C (2006 г.)

Твердый переплет, 324 стр.

ISBN: 1-920744-43-6, 978-1-920744-43-4

Размер: 287*287*36

Вес: 2450 гр.

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Краткое описание

New Classicists: Ken Tate Architect, Selected Houses Volume Two.

Following the success of Ken Tate’s first volume is this book of more beautiful homes. Tate’s designs spring from an intensive study of his clients and locales in which they have chosen to build. They demonstrate his obvious love of traditions of architecture which is evident in each home, which is beautifully illustrated through color photographs. The character and the preferences of his patrons have led him to create residences in a wide variety of styles. The common language is decidedly Classical and all are impeccably researched and executed. All owe their grace and coherence to Tate’s knowledge of this tradition but Tate’s personal interpretation and intellectual rigors allow each building to stand apart as an individual work of art: beautiful, livable and utterly engaging. Inside Northside magazine said recently in an article about Ken Tate: "Perhaps no prominent architect today has a greater stylistic range." As Tate’s biography explains, he began his development as a traditionalist while studying at Auburn University in Alabama. He started his own firm in 1984, knowing there were aspects of traditional design still untouched, since traditional architecture at that time was a subject off limits for most contemporary architects. Tate has demonstrated in over 50 residential works that traditional architecture not only can still have a voice, but that it can still have one with beauty and purpose. Many of these homes may be seen in the two volumes in this New Classicists series.

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