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Scandinavian Modern Home
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Scandinavian Modern Home

Автор: Элизабет Вилхайд

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Издательство: Quadrille Publishing (2008 г.)

Суперобложка, 192 стр.

ISBN: 1-84400-625-5, 978-1-84400-625-0

Размер: 240x300

Вес: 1410 гр.

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Краткое описание

Scandinavian Modern Home.

Scandinavian Modern was the most influential and enduring design movement of the twentieth century, dominating the international scene in the 1950s and continuing to shape the way we live today. Architects and designers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland - four countries that at the time had a combined population no greater than New York City - were responsible for a range of contemporary homes, furniture, textiles, ceramics, glassware and other products that defined an entire approach to modern post-war living."Scandinavian Modern Home" traces the development of this perennially popular style within its countries of origin from the late 1920s, and explores how that look was subsequently exported throughout Europe and the USA, introducing the most important designers and their work. What characterises Scandinavian Modern is its approachability; the use of natural materials and organic forms combined with clean lines and attention to basic practicality and comfort. These are all key design trademarks that are detailed within this book to give a clear understanding of what constitutes the Scandinavian Modern style.The book combines a collector's guide to the classic products, designers and manufacturers of Scandinavian Modern design, with advice on how to put the look together using new or vintage pieces. It then goes on to explore some of the most unique and interesting homes across the world that have interpreted the Scandinavian aesthetic for contemporary living. "Scandinavian Modern Home" demonstrates this elegant, yet informal design movement at its best and most accessible.

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