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Britannica 2001: The Year in Review (Britannica Year in Review)
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Britannica 2001: The Year in Review (Britannica Year in Review)

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Издательство: Merriam-Webster (2002 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 560 стр.

ISBN: 0-85229-831-5, 978-0-85229-831-2

Размер: 279*206*20

Вес: 950 гр.

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Britannica 2001: The Year in Review (Britannica Year in Review)

The people, the events, the places that made the year 2001 so unique...sad...horrifying...glorious...and memorable you`ll find them all in the Encyclopædia Britannica Year in Review.

So much happened in 2001 that literally changed the way so many of us live. The Britannica Year in Review documents, probes, and illuminates the events of the past year to help you understand what happened, and how it will continue to affect your life.

September 11 marked the end of a way of life for people worldwide. What are the ramifications beyond the loss of life and destruction of property?

Foot and mouth and "mad cow" diseases took their toll on humans, cattle, and agriculture. Did news of these diseases make you stop and think before you ate?

While cable TV created stars, reality TV lost viewers. What are the latest trends in television and how is cable TV impacting the careers of actors like Sarah Jessica Parker?

Economies throughout the world suffered in 2001. What are the reasons behind the global downturn and who was the hardest hit?

Scientists continue to research the origin of humans. What are the recent archaeological findings that challenge the theory of the first human existence in Africa?

You`ll find these answers and more in the Britannica Year in Review. From election reform in the U.S...to safety in auto racing...the war in Afghanistan...to the continuing AIDS epidemic...the return of Michael Jordan...to the loss of George Harrison. Nowhere else can you find such comprehensive coverage of the events of 2001.

The Encyclopædia Britannica Year in Review includes some of the finest minds from across the world to provide you with thought-provoking views, timely topics, and a global perspective. Trust the Britannica editors drawing from the vast Britannica database of knowledge to bring you the balanced perspective you need to integrate the events of the past year into the context of your life.

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