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Авторы: Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter

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Издательство: Gollancz (2009 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 384 стр.

ISBN: 0-575-08341-7, 978-0-575-08341-7

Размер: 173*109*25

Вес: 198 гр.

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Денис Покровский (06.11.2012 в 14:19):

Very laboriously done hard SF, but far short of being grand If you are looking for good, meticulously worked out hard science fiction – the last novel of Time odyssey series will do, no doubt. When authors deal with description of technological marvels of the near future – they do it really good. Descriptions of space elevators, solar spaceships, Mars colonies are real fest for “engineeringly” enthusiastic readers. Also world of Mir is something mind-boggling and alternate-world Chicago and New New Orlean are shown with great mastership and skill. Though when we are talking about fictitious characters ,set in the novel, we come to something noticeably weaker. But the blurred and incompleted answers to the questions of grandest mysteries – who are The Firstborn, our destiny and survival, nature of parallel universes – that’s the weakest part of the Firstborn. Especially disappointing is the outcome of the struggle – nothing close to convincing, nothing close to complete and significant. This is hard to understand how the novel could be the last in the series with such ending? In overall story is very captivating from the start and keeps you gripped first two thirds of the plot. And then – plooop, suddenly you feel let down and disappointed. So, it’s worth reading if you are Clarke or Baxter (or both) fan or if you looking for nothing more than well written SF novel of near space future. But if you expect something big – obviously such Masters as the authors could have done much, much better…

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