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Philips Street Atlas: London - Standard (Standard Street Atlas)
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Philip's Street Atlas: London - Standard (Standard Street Atlas)

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Издательство: Philip's OS Publications (2003 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 408 стр.

ISBN: 0-540-08463-8, 978-0-540-08463-0

Размер: 264*185*20

Вес: 820 гр.

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Краткое описание

Philip's Street Atlas: London - Standard (Standard Street Atlas)

A fully revised edition of the "London Atlas" at extra large scale, this volume shows the centre of London with 42 pages at a massive scale of 10 inches to one mile. The rest of London is shown on 227 pages at the clear scale of 5 inches to one mile. The Congestion Charging Zone is highlighted on the mapping and Postcode districts and boundaries are shown on both the main mapping and on a separate map. The atlas shows the locations of many thousands more named streets, courts, alleys, houses and estates. This, coupled with a detailed index, should have considerable benefits for professional users such as delivery drivers and tradesmen. Route-finding is much easier as through-routes are shown, giving the user the equivalent of local knowledge of an area, ideal for any driver and a real time-saver when avoiding main road queues. Furthermore, one-way streets and restricted turns are shown on the whole central London area. A planning map shows main roads in and out of London. The index of streets and notable features is fully comprehensive and has been carefully designed to be easy to use and read. Hospitals, railway stations, schools, shopping centres, universities, industrial estates and other such features are highlighted in red; places of tourist interest are shown in blue. The index includes postcodes. In addition there is an index of hospitals with accident and emergency department highlighted and an index of Places of Interest. There is also a map for central London detailing theatres, cinemas and shopping streets, a specially created map showing the bus routes of central London and maps showing the London Underground and overground rail networks reaching far into the suburbs and detailing the Travelcard Zones.

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