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Sailing Yachts: From Technique to Adventure
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Sailing Yachts: From Technique to Adventure

Автор: Franco Giorgetti

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Издательство: White Star (2006 г.)

Суперобложка, 312 стр.

ISBN: 88-544-0109-9, 978-88-544-0109-9

Размер: 220x297

Вес: 910 гр.

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Краткое описание

Sailing Yachts: From Technique to Adventure.

Written from the unique perspective of an architect and sailboat designer—who is also an ardent sailor—this handsome volume documents the most important boats and boating events in the legendary history of the sailing yacht. Sailing Yachts tells the story of the concepts and creativity that lie behind the birth of the finest sailing yachts.
The events and anecdotes that have marked the history of sailing are described in the vivid narrative, from casual competitions for royal yachts on London's River Thames in 1600 to the high-tech challenges of the 21st century. Detailed information on crewing and racing these magnificent boats is included as well. Meticulous sketches and diagrams, historical documents, and design plans reveal the techniques of the world's top boat designers. Hundreds of photographs in glorious full color convey the warmth of the sun beating on the deck as the boat cuts through the water, and the excitement of the world's most celebrated races, including the 2005 America's Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup. Anyone who has ever sailed a boat will thrill to the crisp flap of the sail and the splash of the waves evoked by the photographs in this book.

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