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The Big Bad Wolf Tells All
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The Big Bad Wolf Tells All

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Издательство: Dell (2004 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 448 стр.

ISBN: 0-553-58458-8, 978-0-553-58458-5

Размер: 170*107*33

Вес: 204 гр.

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Краткое описание

The Big Bad Wolf Tells All.

Tanzy Harrington is the ultimate Alpha Female. As the Bay Area's most-read single-scene columnist and self-proclaimed love-'em-and-leave-'em artist, she's not about to tie herself down to one man—especially when "settling down" seems awfully close to simply "settling." But when all of her friends are happily married—and reproducing—she's starting to feel a little bit like she's missing something important. What is it about those dependable guys—the sheep who follow along—that makes Tanzy want to prowl the hot spots looking for a wolf to take home to her lair?

And then there's Riley Parrish, her eccentric aunt's mysterious new employee. He's a sheep, all right ... right? But under his polite, good-provider exterior, she catches a glimpse of something decidedly wolfish lurking in his eyes.

With a deranged fan stalking her, her friends cooing over china patterns and baby outfits, and a deadline her editor won't extend, Tanzy's experiment in wolf-taming may be ill-thought, but it sure is a howling good time.?

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