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Ex-Girlfriends United
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Ex-Girlfriends United

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Издательство: Pocket Book (2008 г.)

Мягкая обложка, 384 стр.

ISBN: 1-84739-068-4, 978-1-84739-068-4

Размер: 198*130*28

Вес: 281 гр.

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Краткое описание

Ex-Girlfriends United.

Ever wish there was a website where you could read reviews abut someone you"re thinking of dating? Dan Davis doesn't. Because, thanks to SlateYourDate.com, Dan has discovered that long after he's given them one, his ex-girlfrinds are giving HIM one--one out of ten, that is.But best friend Ed Middleton thinks it's a great idea. Dumped in the past for being the typical clueless bloke, Ed sees it as the perfect place to find out how to keep his new girlfriend happy.Faced with the prospect of a life time of singledom, Dan has to crack the code of a website that's strictly women-only to find out where he's been going wrong. Then he must track down his many exes in order to put thngs right.But can a man like Dan every truly change? Especially if the biggest change means actually LISTENING to a woman? Meanwhile, Ed begins to realize that when it comes to relatinships, until you confront your past, you can't have much of a future....

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